Friday, May 17, 2013

Waiting at the airport...

This week has been so full!  Monday with an inspiring Zone Conference.  President Martino reminding us that we need to smile more - why else would someone want to hear what we have to share, if it didn't make us so happy!  Sister Watts share the quote, "obedience brings blessings, Strict obedience brings miracles."  Sure want those miracles in our lives!  Our new neighbor sister came up to the house right after we got home on Tuesday, she and her daughter had made me a lovely Mother's Day gift.  It was an apron, little bag and hair band.  I was so surprised and overjoyed with their compassion for us, every time the daughter comes up to see me, or to work on English she brings me flowers, I feel so very blessed.
We made it to the capitol, dropped off a fan on the way down.  Picked up our passports and worked with the office elder's a little on their English.  All the wonderful little things we get to fit into the time here add up to great blessings in our lives.  One of our future missionaries emailed us his letter of acceptance for his upcoming mission in the Dominican Republic, 2 of our futures paperwork just made it to Salt Lake City.  We have others already on our list to work with in finishing when we get back from stateside, helps us remember we have work here to do.
So we are now at the airport, safe and sound with a few minutes before boarding.  Such excitement to think that tomorrow we will be in Memphis to witness our son, his wife and their beautiful little one's sealing in the temple.  Getting to meet their little one for the first time!  Sunday a grandson's baptism in Arkansas, then get together's with children and grandchildren in Arkansas, seeing my Aunt. Meeting our two grandsons who have been born while we have been here.  Then off to Utah to see other children and grandchildren and be with our daughter for her wedding.  I am so grateful for our children and the time we will have to share with them.  My 5am time for writing may end up being spent with grandchildren, something that only brings more joy!

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