Thursday, May 23, 2013


My debate this morning was the name, because the thought "running children and hot running water, two of the things I am enjoying tons here on our trip home!"  Looking out from the condo window this morning at the snow here on the mountains in Salt Lake and enjoying my few minutes before everyone starts waking up and our day begins.  We have had so much fun being with children and grandchildren!   Being at our son's sealing in the Memphis Temple with his family was priceless, because Family and being together is what this is all about.  Then we got to attend and participate in our grandson's baptism and were so grateful for his parents loving and teaching him and his sister. Then playing in the Zoo with all those amazing people!  We were even able to visit my aunt.
Now we are in Salt Lake City and visiting with more children and grandchildren.  Yesterday we went to an aquarium, the park, swimming for a little, walking some around downtown and today we will see even more of our children who are coming in.
The most wonderful part is not the places we are seeing nor the things we are doing, but the visiting, talking and sharing with these amazing people called "family".  It is wonderful to celebrate with all of them the joys in their lives. One of the hard things though about having adult children is watching their struggles and wishing you could "fix things" for them, make it better, and knowing that you can't.  The adult struggles can't always be fixed with a band-aid and a kiss.  This love I feel for my family is sometimes overwhelming to me, and the pain I feel at their suffering is so hard.  I know our Heavenly Father loves us and knows our struggles,  but the challenges we face help us to learn and grow.  I am sure that  some of the problems I have caused myself have also caused Him great pain.

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