Friday, May 10, 2013

Peten and Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day in Guatemala, which means that starting about 3am there were fireworks and people on trucks with sound systems driving around to wish all Mothers a Happy Day. So glad I have no babies at home here, as soon as it would get quiet, they would come back again. The birds are now in concert also, much more enjoyable.
We went to Peten this past week and did all of our Inspections there and had our interviews with the Elders working on their English. We are making sure all of their apartments have a picture of the Savior and a Temple in them, plus of course the normal things. We helped a couple sets of Elders get some fans. In one apartment I set down on a bed, oh my! We went and got that apartment some new beds. Trying to help the Elders get excited about English in the interviews, but brings up other topics – like Obedience, and loving your companion. We also try to give out tips on how to study, and how to prepare for their English Exam. On Tuesday we were with President and Sister Watts during the interviews so that is always a highlight. Finished the trip back down a different direction as we went through La Libertad and Sayaxche, Chisec and Coban. It amazes us sometimes how different the landscape is in the different areas.
We took a short break and stopped at a place called El Ceibal outside of Sayaxche, it has some ruins, but mainly just beautiful trails through jungle. The howler monkeys were in abundance, and very loud! Must have been several families of them. Last stop on the way home was in La Tinta where we helped a Dad write his daughter who just began her mission, an email – then we set him up an email account and showed him how he can write him herself if he goes to an internet cafe. We also stopped by and saw another young sister there who is preparing for her mission. She was so excited as she told us that she has just earned her Young Women's Medallion and wants us to be there when she receives it.
We will only be home today (Friday) to get things cleaned and in order so we can head back up to Peten on Saturday to help the Elders prepare for Zone Conference on Monday. We are so excited because Pres. Martino, our Area President will be presiding at the conference, he is going through the whole mission for the Zone Conferences this week. Tuesday morning early we will head back again to Senahu and finish packing to head Stateside for ten days to attend a baptism, sealing and a wedding.
We also get to pick up some more pictures of temples and the Savior, plus some ties and shirts for the Brethren that our amazing members in the states are sending back with us. Glad we are so busy here, but very excited to see all of our children and grandchildren!
Important side note – the Elders called and told us the baby (5 or 6 months old now) in Santo Domingo is now up to 8 pounds! Slow but sure progress.

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  1. Sister Spradlin:
    I have followed your blog almost throughout your entire mission, and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to record your doings there. As the first Elder to set foot in Chijolom, I have been joyfully following the development of the Church in the Senahu area.
    Thank you.
    Elder Robb L. Robertson (1988-90)