Saturday, May 4, 2013

whirlwind week

Love busy weeks!  We got to work Monday and Tuesday with a Medical group in from the states.  They did surgeries from morning until night 3 days in a row here.  Amazing to watch their dedication and the lives touched.  Wednesday we were off to Coban and worked with our Elders there doing interviews for English, handing out antibiotic ointment to carry in their backpacks, and pictures of the Savior and Temples for the walls of their apartments.  One of our current goals is to get a picture of the Savior and of a Temple in each missionary apartment throughout the mission.  Members from stateside have sent down old calendars that we are able to take the pictures from and they go great on the walls!  It has been a whirlwind through the valley doing all of the zones interviews.  Yesterday morning early before we left we had a surprise visit from one of our new neighbors, she brought us a plant and a Mayan calendar to welcome us!  I was super touched by her sweetness.
Tomorrow we get to go to the Chapel dedication in Coral Pek, another one of our very remote areas, one we can´t get to in our RAV 4, road is too rough.  Choir practice in the afternoon, then working on English with one of our new neighbor familys.  Monday morning early we leave for the Poptun and Peten areas to do housing inspections and English.  We will be coming back through an area we have not visited yet, called Chisec.  Hoping it will soon be opened up for missionaries, some members living there are asking for us to come, so we will visit them and take some Book of Mormons.
A few challenges in our new home, mosquitoes!  We now have a mosquito net over our bed from our landlord, but need to buy a bigger one while we are out this week.  Not sure if they are really mosquitoes, as they are very small.  Normally I am the one that has always been eaten by bugs, but they are mainly attacking Elder Spradlin and making life a lot less than comfortable.  We also only have gotten water a few times for a couple of hours each time since moving in ' usually between 3 and 6 am.  They are putting us in a water tank outside, so as soon as that is installed it should fix the problem.  It made Coban really nice because we had hot showers!

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