Thursday, May 30, 2013

Back in Guatemala

I think sometimes time acts like an accordion, it expands and shrinks with each moment. It seemed like such a short and long time at the same time while we were gone. It feels like we have been gone forever, but only a moment. We flew in overnight from the states, something I will never advise to other people! We were very grateful for one of the Senior couples in the capitol who rescued us at the airport and let us stay with them to shop, sleep and visit! We would definitely not have been able to drive back out here without that interlude. We are grateful to be back at work, checking on families, filling out future missionary paperwork, helping prepare for District conference. We are having a battle with the bugs though at the moment, I hope they are NOT enjoying it as much as I am! That part is not fun, but the trade off of being here is amazing. One of the best parts today was when two of our sweet neighborhood girls showed up and went to market with me this morning and then helped bake a cake. It is so much fun to play with them. While we were at the market we checked on Rosie and she had on her glasses, sitting up by herself, playing with her toys and even stood up for a few minutes for me!
Now I need to unpack and get things cleaned and back in order. Our landlady had come in while we were gone and cleaned the pila, and the back room because she didn't want it to be dirty when we got back home. They have open windows and due to the rain and wind had had debris blow in. We are well cared for by our wonderful members.    

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