Saturday, April 20, 2013

Elements of a GREAT Day!

I challenged one of our Spanish speaking elders who is working hard on his English to write a talk in English. He called us and we went and listened to him give it to us Friday morning, and he did a great job.  We sang a hymn together, had a prayer and he then talked about the relationship between commandments, covenants and ordinances.  I felt blessed by his sweet spirit and strong testimony.  I also found out later that I don't pronounce the word covenant correctly! 
 On the way home we went by to check on Rosie and her mom was running a fever, it was also very hot this week, so we gave her some Ibuprofen and ran home to get the thermometer, some ice water and cloths to bathe her and bring her temp down.  It was so funny when we put Rosie's little hand or foot in the water how she would react!   Mom is now doing much better and seems all well today.
 We went and saw our little boys up the hill, still studying and going to school but the older one is really struggling to learn.  Pretty sure there may be a learning disability, but of course no resources here.  The grandmother was sick, not feeling well, she has been fighting a bad cough for months.  We took them some cold mangos though from the fridge, it was a hot day!  Later in the evening we went down and visited our girls in Seamay, the 12 year old is now in school (hooray!!!)  and we looked at their school work. Elder Spradlin tried showing them how to put together a 100 piece puzzle, they did well with the 24 piece the other week, but this one was a little much. 
Carol from La Tinta finally got into the MTC in Guatemala City this past Wednesday!  We are so thrilled for her, it has been a very long process.  She had started her paperwork before we ever got here, and had lots of glitches, challenges and problems to finally start.  She was called to Argentina, but right now they are not clearing Visas, so where she will finally serve is still unknown.  
Today we got to take a set of Elders up with us to Santo Domingo where they are working this weekend.  We then visited with the Branch President's wife (she is also the Relief Society President) in her home.  We needed her to go with us to another sister's home to check on her baby, but first she said she had to finish her work - so we had the fun of helping!  Shelling corn, folding clothes, sweeping floors, amazing how much fun work can be when doing it to help others.  We then went and visited our little malnourished one and weigh her.  Again someone from the US has stepped in to help provide for her food so she can grow and we got to be a part of their miracle.  We are so very, very blessed! 

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