Tuesday, April 16, 2013

the process

We are in Morales helping with a Dental Clinic this week. Morales is about 3 hours from where we live, and very hot! It is so much fun though getting to be with the Senior Missionaries and working with them. We have also been able to work with some of our future missionaries with their Dental checkups and checking their missionary files. I contemplated on one of our sisters who came to the clinic today and the process she is undergoing to become a missionary, it is quite a journey. She is a convert from Canlun, a very small branch, and will be the first sister missionary to leave from the Branch. She is one of our future missionaries who has a different type of challenge – learning Spanish since her native language is Q'eqchi'. We had District Conference in her District last weekend and she along with several others had their interviews with President Watts. During the Sunday meetings three of our missionaries who have received their calls bore their testimonies. Sometimes this process of going on a mission gets very complicated, because after they get everything done for getting their call, when their call comes in they have to work toward getting a Visa! We have new calls in right now from the ones we have worked with for Costa Rica, Retelheleu Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Bolivia (three are going to Bolivia!)
We did part of our Housing Inspections and working on English with our Elders last week. It is so much fun to visit with our Elders. We love hearing their testimonies and watching them serve.
On the family side – we got our airline tickets reserved finally and will be going home for 10 days in May to see our children, meet 2 new grandbabies, renew our Driver's Licenses and attend a wedding.

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  1. would have loved to meet you at Alea's wedding, unfortunately my boss did not give me time off. Enjoy the time home.