Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Tonight our youngest daughter is being set apart to begin her mission in Uruguay.  We get to join in that occasion through Skype.  I am so gratefu,l and also very grateful to the many people who have supported and nurtured her.  I think some of my wonderful sisters there have done a better job than I might have in helping her prepare to enter the Mission field!
I am grateful that we found a different house to move to this Friday!  It is a little bigger, more private, and very pretty.  We also have 8 elders close who have volunteered to help us move.  I have volunteered the Brownies!
I am grateful for the humor in our days!  Yesterday we looked back over the day and remembered how many times we had laughed or smiled at the incongruencies we saw around us.
Heading out of Senahu we saw three of the Senahu Police force walking back into town.  The motor on their vehicle blew a few months ago, so they are all on foot.  No chasing people by car for sure!
Between Teleman and Panzos, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the dirt road was a man selling Cotton Candy - even funnier was a car stopped that was buying it from him!
Coming back home through Teleman we saw a drunk directing traffic, and doing a very good job!
We had a romantic candlelight dinner because luckily I had just finished fixing supper before the electricity went off.
Don't forget to smile!  So yes, very thankful for Smiles!

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