Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We need more missionary couples!

October is quickly approaching us, which is when we will be finishing our Mission.  We are hoping and praying that more couples stateside will turn in their papers to serve, and some will be called to our Mission. The people here and our missionaries need more senior couples and the valuable life experiences they bring to the mission.  Members stateside have seen how things like Primary, Young Women's, Young Men's function.  Things we take for granted are experiences that strengthen greatly the church in areas like where we currently serve.
Our training meeting on Saturday was great!  The members that came from Coban to help train were wonderful, and even more fantastic is that our Chulac and Senahu Districts had gotten complete Presidencies called for their Auxilaries. Chulac District even arrived early for the meetings - some of their members getting up at 4:30 in the morning so they could be there! I worked with the Primary and one of my highlights was that Mike Peck had sent me the children's song “If the Saviour Stood Beside Me” in Kekchi and I was able to teach it to everyone. It is in the Primary program for this year, but only in Spanish. I love it's meaning – How do we judge the things we do each day – because the Saviour is near and watching over us.
Underneath the motor on our car is a big piece of hard plastic that is attached, but not with real screws. A part of this came off, was just hanging, when we got to our meeting. Elder Spradlin tried putting it back up and bending a nail to re-attach part of it. When we headed home, it came lose again. We pulled in to the one gas station between the meeting and home, asked them if we could use their ramps, where people can wash cars, to try and look under the car. They gave us permission and we drove partly up the ramps to take a look. Just as Elder Spradlin was getting out his gloves to see what could be done a mini-van (transport) drove up and parked beside us. The young helper came over to see what the problem was, walked right in and started helping! He took off the dangling part, then got cord out of his van and tied the rest of the plastic back up. Best that can be done at the moment. When I told him thank you and what could I offer him for his help, he just said, “No sister, don't worry about it”. He wouldn't accept anything.
We got turned around and lost in Guatemala City on Tuesday looking for a business. We had an address and a map that was pretty useless once we were lost. We stopped to try and get directions from a couple of people on the side of the road. They spoke by telephone with the tailor we were trying to find and he explained the directions. After they spoke with him, one of the people volunteered to go with us and show us the way. They told us we would never be able to find it on our own, because of all of the turns. They were very right!
When we finally find the location we offered to give the man a ride back when we finished, or to pay for his transport back, a taxi or tuc- tuc or whatever. He told us “Taxis charge too much, I will just take a bus.” When I asked him how much the bus would be he said it would probably be one quet (13 cents) We gave him a 20q and told him how grateful we were. He then said, “You are Christians, and I am a Christian. God doesn't charge.” He then took my hand and tucked the money back in it. I was overcome by his kindness and example.
Elder Spradlin and I got fitted for matching suits at the Tailor. Many of the Elders here in the Mission have had suits made by this Brother, so we are very excited. They will be finished in April, then he will give them to the missionaries there and they will send them out to us. Mine of course is with a skirt, Elder Spradlin's will have slacks - and the coat lining for his is the Guatemalan flag!
Friday night we were able to help with a Missionary night in one of the homes. We took our computer and speakers and were able to show a video on the life of Christ. Saturday evening after we came home from the training meetings we were able to attend a baptism. Since we had to go down to the Capitol on Sunday we were able to attend the Break the Fast with the Senior Missionaries there, this is the first time since we have been in Guatemala to attend one. On Monday they worked on the car.  They were able to fix one of our key locks and said the underneath will be okay till they do the next oil change and maintenance, then they will try and secure it better. Hope the rope cords hold up!
     On the miracle side, Rosi will be having her lens implant surgery for her eyes the end of this week. Two people from the states sent the money to make this possible, and hopefully enough left over to help the family start saving for the surgery she will need when she turns five. So many amazing, giving people all over the world!

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