Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rough Roads

Some weeks are so varied that you look back at the end and have a hard time recalling all that went on! We did English interviews with our Elders from the Polochic, Senahu and Coban Zones last week. We were also able to finish up a couple of future missionary files and there were 15 future missionary interviews done with President Watts while he was here! He was one very busy man!
We are so excited at the changes taking place here. The mission will be divided in July and we are going to be working with the new Coban Mission, no change of living address for us... but we will miss working with President and Sister Watts, at the same time looking forward to working with Pres. And Sister Curtiss. The Districts here are looking forward to the growth, working to soon becoming Stakes and a Temple to someday be in Coban.
I love watching the Lord's hand working. Yesterday we had a meeting planned in Teleman to finish up a missionary file. When we got there we couldn't get into the church, so we asked a sister we know there if we could use her home. It just so happened that her 18 year old son was home and had also started his missionary file, so we were able to help him know and organize the things he needs to complete. While we were working on the other young man's paperwork, our sister mentioned his glasses. He needs to have another eye exam, and they knew the optometrist he needed to see!
We tried a different way back up to Senahu from Panzos (down in the valley) yesterday that one of the Elders said he knew the transports use. We now know to be more cautious when we listen to Elders! The way was truly beautiful, but the road was probably the worst we have been on. At one point we could tell we were only on 3 wheels. At another point, there was no seeing the road, because the car was taking up all of it next to a drop off into a huge ravine. The ruts were so huge at times that if we had gotten into them we would have bottomed out....And then we saw a huge transport truck full of people coming down toward us... No where to pass, so Elder Spradlin backed down to where he could just barely fit around us. Prayer and faith, because it was bad behind, bad in front, nothing to do but go forward. Sounds kind of like life feels sometimes!

Elder Spradlin says that life is sometimes like this road. We are told that it is going to be an easy road, then we find out somewhere along the way that it is very difficult. We get feelings of giving up or turning back, but if we move forward toward our ultimate goal we will reach our destination.

Saturday is a training meeting for the Auxilary presidencies of our three Polochic Districts. This is a bigger milestone than people back home can probably imagine. It means that our Districts have gotten Presidencies called for Relief Society, Young Women's, Primary, and Young men's and that plans are being made on training on the District and Branch levels. This is a very huge step.

Just got the word in that the Doctors want Rosie to have the surgery for putting in her lens implants in two weeks!

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