Monday, March 11, 2013

Love our Mission

Our mission is kind of special in several ways but I wanted to list just a few things that have happened in the last days that really set some of those things apart for me.

I love walking down the street and running into members. They stop and talk and we find out about all of the things going on. People here don't use the phone the way we do back home, you just kind of “run into” someone. The amazing thing is how that works. Sunday night I felt strongly that we needed to go visit our Sister who is our new District Primary President, and also someone we dearly love. We left for her house, about 2/3 of the way there, we ran into her. She told us she had just been at the church and was looking for us, because they want to do a training meeting for four Branches close here next Sunday and wanted our help. We were able to discuss ideas and make an appointment to meet with her presidency. Coming back we ran into a brother that invited us to a wedding this coming Saturday morning, I will be able to play for it. We also set up an appointment for him to meet a brother coming from the USA this week who is setting up work projects here. Next we ran into the Branch Presidency from the Seamay Branch and were able to talk to them about their future missionary, and let them know the dates for the next temple trip.

I love seeing the progress and work of our members! Chulak District told us they have 25 couples planning on going to the temple the end of this month for their scheduled temple trip.

I love working with the missionaries, it is so much fun! We have challenged, okay bribed, our zone here in Senahu and the one in the Polochic that if each of the companionships in their Zones will speak and stay in only English for one hour every day, each day for a week I will make chocolate cake with fudge sauce for their zone. We have given them this challenge before and some are doing it, but having to learn Kekchi here makes it harder for our Latino elders to focus on the English. Hopefully the bribe will bring the challenge to a reality.

I love the fact that several groups, families and individuals from the United States are putting together trips to this area to try and give service and lift the members here. We have been getting to communicate with several of them and put them in contact with different members.

I love watching the mission grow. We are getting to go back to Corral Pec this week for the inspection of the new chapel there. Also every change date Elders are getting to open up and strengthen new areas.

I love listening to the birds sing in the morning.

I love visiting with the members, their love is amazing.

I love walking through the market and meeting and talking to all of the people. That is why the pictures this week reflect our Saturday market.

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