Monday, August 6, 2012

Whirlwind Week

Dental clinic was the first three days in Teleman and the dentists helped 174 people.  along with 167 fillings, 46 Sealants, there were 268 extractions.  If it wasn't for a lack of time they would have loved to do much more.  One lady needed 21 teethe, or teethe roots pulled. We saw things that were hard for me to even imagine.  Needless to say the Dentists were amazing.  Wednesday night was the concert in Teleman, then on Thursday one here in Senahu.  The District mayor attended the concert here.  It was fun watching the people's rapt attention as the choir sang - they were inspiring.  We have a nonmember family here we are working with that we have fallen in love with and they attended the concert and really liked it. Pres. and Sister Watts also made it to the Saturday concert and we were able to introduce our friends to them and to many of the choir members. Saturday after they finished working with the District choir some of the choir members wanted to learn to make tortillas so we took them down to two homes in Seamay, another group went with me into a few other homes and then ended up with our friends where we also made tortillas. The members in Seamay just got electricity in last week, so that helped a lot!
On Thursday when we went up to Yalijux by transport we hit two places where the road had washed out and they were working on it.   The pictures look a little scary, we all walked across and then the Truck drove over the little chasm on boards that broke as he came across. The choir worked with the school there, then as we were waiting for lunch they did another impromptu concert in front of the church building with the yard full of people wanting to listen. We were informed by a lady from another organization that delivers Incaparina (food supplement for young children)  of a family that lives next to the church in a small hut.  The baby is two years old and is very sick from malnutrition and most likely intestinal parasites.  The lady had said they had no food in the home, and that they had had an infant die in the home in December from malnutrition.  One of the choir members had brought money from their ward, so we went out and put together  a weeks food supply (it only ran about $20.)  We took the food to the home and it was very sad, the little boy looked about 11 months old, although he was two and he was crying.  I hope the powdered milk and oats help him feel better. The other organization will be up checking on them in the next week to see what can be done.
Sunday morning we went to El Estor to meet with the members there, making sure things were ready for the choir and doing a leadership training meeting for their branch counsel after the meetings.
Some of the choir members brought down beginner readers in English so we are setting up a lending library to use with our kids in our English classes.  They also brought a lot of ties and white shirts that we will be getting out to different branches, some we will save to give out to our future missionaries.  Exciting Week!!!!

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