Sunday, July 29, 2012

Joyful Days

I think maybe the week gets almost too busy, when I sit down and have to think really really hard just to remember what we did.  Monday evening we had a FHE with a lovely family by candlelight in Seamay.  It began raining at the end, so we were soaked on the way walking home.  When we got into the Tuk Tuk, we were able to catch partway, he told us to put our rainsuits under the seat so we wouldn't get the seat wet.  We obediantly took them off and sat down...only to find the seat already very wet.  Just count it as part of the fun of playing in the rain.  We visited Buena Vista this week and some of their members there with their Branch President.  Also worked with the future missionary files from Buena Vista and Sajunte.  Sometimes things that look like they should be very simple have a way of getting so complicated when working on their missionary files.  We went to Yalijux on Thursday to do housing inspections, see the new church and meet with people from the school for the choir visit.  Elder Spradlin and our Senahu District President sang their way up and talked about the beautiful mountains jostling up the mountain on the back of the truck.  Pres. singing in Qeqchi, and Elder Spradlin in English, all of us having a wonderful day.  Definately rainy season, we ended up not having English class Thursday evening because it started raining so hard no one could leave their houses, plus we couldn't have heard ourselves over the rain anyway!@! Saturday I was supposed to make a lot of calls, went to make them and my line was blocked, turns out when they went to pay the phone company on Friday they accidentally underpaid by one quetzal (13 cents)  and it blocked all the phones on that account.  Crazy world.  Learning a little more patience and to laugh at myself.  I fell twice today when I hadn't fallen in ages, once on a wobbly board set up as a ramp into the church yard when it flipped on me and then later in the day when I stepped into a narrow gutter in the sidewalk.  Didn't even have mud in sight either time!  The good news is that I didn't hurt myself, and I even fell fairly gracefully.  Very grateful for protection from above. A baptism in Sacsuha yesterday and helping set up a missionary file, then church in La Tinta today working on another file.  The Kekchi choir concert today in Sacsuha and the dentists arriving in Teleman for our coming clinic. It has been an amazing week, and the coming one is exciting with both the Kekchi choir here and the Dentists arriving.

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  1. You do not know me, but I am a friend of the family of Elder Ryan Anderson, and it is so nice seeing the hard work and service you are doing for the church. My husband and I are looking into going on a mission in the next few years. You both are tough and will be if not already blessed for what you are doing. Keep up the good work. Tammy Peterson of Tehachapi, California.