Thursday, August 16, 2012

Giant Ceiba

Last week we went to Coban to give English tests, Elder Spradlin also fixed a bunk bed for one of our sisters while we were there.  It's kind of funny what all gets thrown into a trip sometimes.  Sunday we worked with the Branch in Tucuru, talked to their youth during Sunday School about preparing to serve missions and had a great training meeting with the adults after church.  Each of those trips we took we were surrounded by rain clouds and storms, but both times we got home right before the rains hit.  We have been very blessed not to have to drive in rain storms.  We worked a lot on Future missionary files this week and are very excited for the progress that is happening.  On our way to work with the members in La Tinta we always pass by this huge tree, well this week we took the time to stop and take a few pictures.  Leaving from La Tinta we then went up to Chulac to pick up some future missionary files. Two of the files did not have all of their required signatures so we drove with the branch president to their homes, and out into one field to obtain the signatures.  What a beautiful, unexpected adventure.  When we finally made it back to Senahu we did a geneology class for the District High Council.
Our English class in Seamay is loving the beginning English books we are now "checking out" to them at the end of English class.  They get so excited looking at the pictures and trying to read.
We have one future missionary leaving from here for HOnduras next Tuesday,  we were able to provide him with some great tennis shoes, ties, white shirts and a suitcase - all things brought by the choir when they came!    It has been a lovely busy week, today I was able to enter the three missionary files we picked up in Chulac while Elder Spradlin got us caught up on laundry, then a training meeting in Seamay where we presented a shortened version on the importance of Visiting Teaching, Home Teaching, Branch Councils, visiting less actives. Most importantly though, the reason we do what we do inside the church, loving our brothers and sisters.  All that topped off with our English class and a ride home in the Tuc Tuc!

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