Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Not my normal blog

This past Saturday my stepmother who I have claimed as a mother for the last 41 years died.  She had the beginning stages of Altzheimers when we entered the mission and had progressed quickly during the time we have been here.  That and other important family events happening back home in the states made me really question our being here.  Are we really being of service, is our being here necessary at this time, are we making a difference, a change for the good?  The answer I come to is yes.  Not in big giant ways, but in the little things that might not happen, or would take much more time if we weren't here to help.  With that in mind I wish to share a few of the things from the last few days.
 A young man turned in his mission papers almost a full year ago, but had done it before we entered the field, he was referred to us when we first came here, because of problems in the paperwork.  He had not understood the questions clearly and in trying to be honest stated that he had severe migraines.  In the last year it has taken many letters, phone calls and forms but last Friday he got his mission call.  He opened it in his meetings on Sunday and is very excited to be going to Mexico.  We are trying to help eliminate those kind of problems for our young brothers and sisters.
Saturday evening we were able to go to a Baptism in Seamay, and also talked to several members there.  Later that evening we invited some of the Elders up for ice cold watermelon we had bought in the market Saturday morning, a lovely break for everyone!
Sunday morning we headed up the mountain, made a stop in Seritquiche and were able to leave some clothes, ties, shirts from the choir, and two sanitation kits from the Dental tour with them.  Heading further we attended Sacrament meeting in Semarac, intended to attend all of the meetings there, but the District President was there and needed to get up to the next town to take pictures of the youth for an EFY camp in December.  It needed to be turned in on Sunday.  So up we went, went to Sunday School there and then met with members and helped them with their pictures.   Sunday afternoon I talked to the District President in Chulac helping make arrangements for the Dental Clinic we get to help them with for October.
Sunday  afternoon we went and visited with a family we have come to know as our friends down in Seamay, we visit and play together.  This Sunday though we told them about the Book of Mormon and gave them a copy, one in Spanish and one in Q'eqchi.
 We are working hard with several future missionaries helping them get their missionary applications completed, we keep hitting little snags though that can be very frustrating.  Like that they each now need to get a passport before we can finish the process.  Working closely though with the offices and the Branch and District Presidents we are able to help speed up the processing.
Today we went down to the market, on the way down there was a little girl about 2 1/2 kind of running around at the top of the market by herself.  Later in the day when I went to show a lady selling Cocoa where Corina's comedora is, coming back up the hill I saw this sweet little bit holding on to/ leaning into a rope by herself, swaying, obviously very very tired.  I asked someone around her if they were hers, but she wasn't.  I picked the sweet little one up in my arms.  She whimpered once and went fast to sleep, afterwards though no one knew who she belonged to!  Almost thought I would be bringing home a new little girl, but a little later a mom showed up to claim the little treasure.
I decided in memory of not being able to be at my mom's funeral I would make  chocolate cake and share it with friends here, because after funerals back home I always remember the chocolate cake.  Kind of silly, but my way of handling.  It helps though when baking a chocolate cake to add the sugar.  Since I forgot it....  I became very creative which would have pleased my Mom because she was always very creative.  I made up a fudge sauce recipe  but doubled the milk and added nonflavored gelatin.  Tore up the cake, poured it on and fridged it. Yummy.
Not a normal post maybe, but not a normal week either.  It's the little things that add up though, the training meeting we are planning for tomorrow morning for our future missionaries to help them prepare better, the cake I helped Corina bake yesterday so she can raise money, the neighbor we helped with his television controls yesterday because it was all in English, the children who call out to us and want us to stop and talk and work with them in English.  The little 9 year old boy who came to English class for the first time last Thursday who is so excited about coming again, every time he sees me he asks how many more days, and I have to help him count.  He is illiterate so we are hoping that we can also help him get started learning how to read and write Spanish.  The boys who surrounded Harold while he waited in the car on Sunday and he visited with them, introduced them to the Book of Mormon - and made friends.  So many little things, but they hopefully will add up to a part of fulfilling our Saviour's plan.

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  1. These may seem like little things to you but they are HUGE to the sweet people you serve. You do belong there and too soon it will be time to come home. Keep doing all of the wonderful things you are and know that you have an army of angels around you. hugs and love, Treena ps.. I found a missionary that just came home from your mission. He said he might have met you once, but he knows all of the missionaries in your pictures. His name is Elder Tyson Bishop from Orem. I hope it is okay that I gave him your blog address? : ))