Friday, September 7, 2012

So much Fun!

Last night we had such a fun group of young boys show up for English Class in Seamay.  Had us almost continuously in laughs!  They love getting to have the little English books to take home each week,,  Winnie the Pooh though is definitely the most desired at the moment.  We had gone over and picked up two young girls for class, it was their first time, hopefully not way too overwhelming with all of the boy's horsing around.  The fun part is even though they mess with each other so much, they also always help each other, or the newer kids, to make sure they know the answers.  Sweet and mischievous at the same time is how I would have to label them.  After class one of our boys started accompanying us and explained that Saturday he turns 15, although he looks about 10 years old!  He wanted to know if I could bake him a birthday cake, since his family won't be able to have one.  They are also inviting his grandparents and a few extended family.  Elder Spradlin warned me that I may be in for a bunch of baking if the word gets out, but there was no way I was turning him down.  He accompanied us taking our girls home, then walked us back in and up the trail showing us his home, we also passed grandparents and family homes while were at it. He was so excited!
Left from there back up to Senahu where one of the Branches was having a dance to raise money, so we popped in on that.  The electricity went out, but it was still fun, greeting all of our members, then we started running and playing with the younger kids to entertain them till the electricity came back on.
Monday we invited all of the Elders over from our District at the end of their PDay and I had made Chili, or at least a very close version. It was great!  Everyone brought a couple bags of Tortrix (like Fritos)  and finished off the pot!  Now you may wonder, knowing I had my fun with chocolate last week, then chili pie on Monday how my weight is doing...Well on Tuesday the Polochic weight cure hit again and has rescued me.  Gotta be grateful for the little inconveniences of life!  
I wrote up the conversion story for our young missionary that just got his mission call this week and it was a wonderful  to be able to share.  The children here have many, many trials, makes me feel like anyone whining back home about a hard life, needs to take a deep breathe and re-evaluate.  

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