Friday, August 24, 2012

40 Apartments and MONKEYS!

No, the monkeys were not in the apartments!  We finished last weekend with the last of the apartment inspections, counted back and we had done 40 in all over the last few weeks. It was great meeting and working with all of the missionaries and seeing so many other parts of Guatemala.  I will now admit that Peten is HOT!  Luckily while we were there it was cloudy so not as hot as they normally have. Friday afternoon we went out with the Zone Leaders to inspect an apartment in Sayaxche,  to get into the village we had to cross by ferry.  Loved looking around, took a picture of a lady on the back of a motorcycle carrying home her chicken!   Friday night  in San Benito, after we had finished the inspections and testing for the day, we tried out a restaurant the missionaries had told us about that has Pupusas (yummy!).  During supper, the electricity went off - made for a romantic meal by candlelight, although trying to find and check into a hotel with all of the electricity off got a little tricky!  We have learned our lesson though and will make sure we check in earlier in the day instead of putting it off.  Saturday morning we went and checked out a little island named Flores, across a bridge from San Benito and it is covered with hotels. We found one that is cute and inexpensive for next time, our plan is to stay there sometime and walk around the island early in the morning before the sun makes it too hot.  We did two training meetings and one missionary English test in the Poptun district while we were out and worked with future missionary files in El Estor on our way back.  That put us coming home on Monday...We made a stop to go swimming at a little place off the main road and discovered a canyon that we got to go up by canoe, it wasn't very far but it was beautiful.  The guy with the canoe paddled us up the canyon and pointed out a monkey family in the trees.  It was awesome!  When we got to where the canoe had to stop to turn around I got out and swam and floated back out-since it was downstream.  Doesn't get much better than swimming out on your back looking up at the solid rock and jungle type walls!

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