Saturday, July 21, 2012

Beautiful Places, great people!

We visited a lot of towns this week doing apartment inspections: Tucuru, Sacsuha, San Cristobol, Santa Cruz, Tanchi, Carcha, Chamelca, Coban.  Beautiful areas, some really, really rough roads though. The main road through the Polochik valley could be compared maybe to an old logging road that just had a heavy rain.  Some places are like a washboard, some you look where to dodge the potholes.  We had planned to go to Canlun today, but the rain had been so hard last night and today that the river was up too high to pass without being in a truck.  We helped members today in Sacsuha with their genealogy, tomorrow we will be doing visiting the branch and doing genealogy in Teleman.  It is so awesome to watch the joy as members begin to learn how to piece together their ancestry.  Also worked quite a bit this week on future missionary files, so hopefully several will be completed in the next few weeks.  Many of the youth we help with on the forms have only completed the equivilant of Junior High, but one sister this week from Poptun had gone as far as starting the University - that is quite a feat for here.
 We talk to all of our Elders when we visit about the importance of using disinfectant and the importance of keeping their apartments clean. I call it my lecture. Some are doing a great job...some could use a little improvement.

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  1. Hi Sister Spraldin,
    Our son, Elder Ryan Anderson, who is in Tanchi, speaks very highly of you and Elder Spraldin. Thank you for posting photos of our missionary! It brings us so much joy to see his smile.

    Ellen Anderson