Monday, July 16, 2012

Refrigerated Toothbrush

It is hard to decide what to name this post, although choosing its name is a lot of fun... some ideas so far:  athletic varmints,  unwelcome guests, go to bed earlier, not my favorite friends, yuck, only once, right?
These names may give you a clue.  Last Thursday night I was getting the medicine box down off the fridge, after Elder Spradlin had already gone to bed, and out jumped a mouse and ran across the floor.  I stayed calm, put the box gently down on the washer and out jumps another one right in front of my face to run out the door (I hope)  I stayed calm, didn't wake up Elder Spradlin even... but it was hard to go to sleep because I kept imagining what I might be hearing.  This lovely event has now been one upped in my opinion.  We came back from being in Poptun on Sunday and again being up later than Elder Spradlin I went in to brush my teethe - to be greeted by a giant cockroach on the head of my toothbrush.  YUK! Grabbed for toothbrush, cockroach ran fast enough to save his life.  Cleaned my toothbrush thoroughly with hydrogen pyroxide and have fervently told myself that this was the first time that must have happened....  My toothbrush now has a new home in the refrigerator.   So really, it is amazingly beautiful here, and sometimes nature has to try and let us know who is boss.  
On the other hand, we went to the Poptun District to meet and work with the wonderful missionaries and members there this last weekend.  We figured out that we can make it in 4 hours and 15 minutes.  We now have the files of their two future missionaries to complete computer processing and were able to share with them some forms to help two of their branches take names to the temple this weekend.  We met and talked with their 3 Branch Presidents and their District President and are setting up to go back and work with them in August.  I love the fact that all of the sisters there greet with a hug and a kiss.  I guess I should add that I am glad that the Brethren don't do the same thing.
When we went up the hill to visit our little boys this morning, one of them had a hurt wrist, right above the wrist.  He had fallen on Friday, then it started hurting worse over the weekend, from what we understood.  They took him to the hospital yesterday, but the Doctors didn't do anything for him.  Their is no x-ray machine here.  We called Dr. Drake and described it, he can still move all his fingers, the arm and wrist look normal, but slightly swollen, very sore to the touch in one specific place.  Chance of a break, or fracture so he had us splint it.  Little one was much better almost instantly.  We used part of the cardboard we had given them for their racetrack and bandaging tape we had with us in our bag.  Elder Spradlin did great!
No picture to post of my friendly varmints, but will let your imagination work its way.

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