Monday, June 11, 2012

Work, Play and Family!

David and Michelle have come to play with us so we are having a wonderful week. Learned our way around Guatemala a little when we went down to get them, and had a great time visiting with the other Senior missionaries there and having an amazing dinner with Pres. and Sister Watts. We have been to waterfalls, hot springs, mountain tops and visited some of our amazing friends.  Took them on one trip on the back of a truck up through the mountains so they can see some of the unbelievable beauty.  I think they have fallen a little bit in love with some of the families here, for good reason.  We were able to prove to them that some of our visits are straight up, and that yes this is living out in the boonies.  David now believes in time machines and we were even able to throw in running out of water one day and no electricity the next.  Makes you appreciate warm showers when they are available.  We did learn though that if we run the dryer, and the hot water heater on the shower at the same time, plus throw in one light... it can cause a power outage! We have done a little bit of work while they are here, but honestly not a lot.  Helping get the dates and places set up for the Kekchi choir tour coming in late July (that is a very exciting event)  Love our new daughter Michelle!!!!  and so happy to have them both here.

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