Monday, June 18, 2012


We were able to meet with a Brother in Guatemala City last week when we dropped off David and Michelle, he explained the program for helping people here in the Polochik start their genealogy.  It is a little more difficult here than we can imagine in the states - when a person is illiterate and quite often doesn't know their own birthdate.  We are very excited about starting to help them make and prepare their family history records.  Saturday we went to a branch activity in Telemann.  The activities and games for the children were supposed to start at 10am, many children were there but the leaders weren't quite ready yet, we have a hard time sometimes when things start an hour later than announced... so Elder Spradlin and I played jump rope, limbo and Simon says with them.  We then started teaching them how to play Red Rover, after starting it we walked off to check on how the real games were coming.  About 2 minutes later the kids all came after us and said that one young girl had said a bad word.  I walked over to her, you could tell she was frustrated and upset. I turned to everyone else and asked "Do you know that she is a princess?"  All of you are princesses and princes also.  I put my arm around her then and said very softly that she is a princess and that it is because of our Heavenly Father.  Then I said, "maybe you forgot for a minute who you really are, that happens to all of us sometimes."   Wish I had been wise enough to respond to such circumstances equally well when my own children were struggling.  We are children of a King, a loving Heavenly Father who cares about us, the problem is that sometimes we forget for a moment who we really are.

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