Monday, May 28, 2012

castles and waterfalls

Last Thursday we were able to work in El Estor with the Branch President, Primary President and the Relief Society President.  Some problems they have here we don´t even think about before we get to work with the members.  The Primary president wanted help with her music, she had the CD with music and the book but couldnt figure out how the songs worked.  Once I listened to it once I realized why, how does a person know what the intro music is and where it starts if no one has ever shown you!  The Branch had recieved the book for George Albert Smith and the one about being a Daughter of God in the same box, so many of the branches thought the Relief Society lessons all came from the Daughter of God book, not the lesson manual on George Albert Smith, makes sense.  Plus then you have the problem that the books are all written in Spanish, but many of the sisters only speak Kekchi.  Thursday night we spent at a hotel across from the church in El Estor and then took Friday to play a little.  We saw the Castle at Rio Dulce, and went to a swimming area that had a waterfall that was beautiful off of a hot sulphur spring coming down into a cold creek.  The water alternated between cold and hot.  Getting ready to show David and MIchelle around when they get here next week!  We just hope the rain doesnt close our road.  On Saturday we were at the District Conference in Chulak and had a few minutes to speak with Elder Martino from the Area Presidency, we talked about how it is hard to measure success here, and whether we are accomplishing anything that will make a lasting difference for the saints.  He told us what we count is in the hearts we touch each day.  I really liked and treasured his comment and support.  We have started to try and work with the leaders here in Senahu on geneology also, so that is a new exciting addition to the things we enjoy.  We will be going back up to Chulac this Wednesday to work more on some future Missionary files.

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