Monday, June 18, 2012

He Wouldn't Let Go

By Elder Spradlin
We stood there in a humble home made of sticks and boards, standing upright, held together by wire and string.  The roof over our heads was made of rusted tin and the floor under our feet was God's own good earth.  I only noticed one bed and a hammock in the single room dwelling, which housed several children and their parents.
As the early afternoon light gleamed through the cracks between the sticks and boards, the father/grandfather of this wonderful family took my hand in a farewell handshake.  He had just shared his deeply felt and beautiful testimony, as he did so I felt the spirit of the Lord flow through him.  Although I didn't understand his words, the Spirit bore witness of the words he uttered.  As we stood there holding hands he did not want to let go, and neither did I.  He and I felt the Spirit of God, the Eternal Father flow into that humble abode and into us - we did not want to let that moment go.
I don't know his name, and I didn't understand his words, but I will never forget that old gentleman and the feeling I had as we clasped hands and felt the Holy Spirit distill upon us, standing in heavenly bliss as brothers in Zion.

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