Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sacaj Waterfall, San Francisco Caldo, La Tinta,

It was one very busy week!  We got to see the giant waterfall at Sacaj, the roads had been worked on a lot, but were still on the just passable side.  Dont want to imagine doing that one in the rainy season!  Took the missionaries up with us to their aea, then we also worked in San Francisco and met the group leader, they are not yet a Branch.  We were at a family´s home where we had made an appointment to go out making visits with their son.  He had gone out to help with the planting though.  Ended up eating Caldo with them and all of the planters, and visiting - gratefully one of the Planters was their group leader.  Came back by Seramac and met with the Branch President there.  He had been out in the fields up on the mountain working, so we helped his wife shuck corn while waiting for him to get back.  Have meetings to go back and work again with both groups.  We were able to go to La Tinta also last week and worked with the missionaries there. 
Dr. Drake is doing a wonderful job helping the hospital in La Tinta getting some much needed equipment.  The hospital had a flood in 2010 and in 2011 and even though it is till in operation, a lot of their basic equipmet isnt functioning.  They service the whole Polochic valley, so it is a little scary.  The kitchen for the hospital - only had one stove functioning and the oven on it didn´t work.  The Laundry was having to hand wash their clothes because the washer took too much water, the dryer wasnt working right so they were drying them on the clotheslines.  That is not counting stuff like hospital equipment.  Dr. Drake got them first a computer system, a huge fridge, a microwave, a washer and dryer.  Next month they are receiving things for the Lab, like a new microscope.  Then the best is in three months when they will be getting a state of the art x-ray machine.  Still the need is unbelievable in tht hospital.  There was a sister there in the maternity ward who has some sort of a problem, she had come in from Chulac which was about a 3hour drive.  The Doctor said she needed an ultrasound, and she was having to wait 2 days just to get the ultrasound so they can diagnose the problem. 
Sunday we worked in Canlun where they just got a new branch president.  But they dont have presidencies yet for the different organizations - so we worked with Primary, Young Womens, and luckily brought material they were able to used for Priesthood.  Crazy wonderful day!
It gets really hot here in the daytime now, very grateful when the breeze starts and the evenings cool off, at leat up here in Senahu!

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