Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Conference and Nature

It was a very busy weekend!  Saturday morning Elder Spradlin was asked to baptize a young boy 15 minutes before the baptism was supposed to start!  AFter the baptism we went down to Sacsuha for the District Conference where Elder Abulurach area president and member of the 70 presided.  Great meetngs.  Of course Sunday was Mother´s Day and had lovely messages or calls from my children.  Harold made me a checkerboard and that was super exciting -Phase 10 was getting a little old!  There are beautiful flowering trees that bloom along the roads, some we have been watching were bright yellow and this weekend were some new ones that were bright pink and beautiful.  Other nature facts, the people here were burning a lot of their fields to get the rain to come, it worked, the rains started Sunday and have been great in cooling down the temperature.  Saturday night when we got home there was this high pitch sound in the Dining room, sounded like it was coming from some sort of animal on the tin roof.  Harold hit the roof and it stopped for just a second then came right back.  It was really high pitched and loud, enough to run us out of the house.  I went down to the Landlord, we live in the back of his house, and asked him to come help us.  He walked in, heard it, and said oh its a ¨Gria¨ or some such...  He walks into the dining room and looks down on the floor and points to a little bug, looks kind of like a beetle.  We step on it and glorious silence.  Silly little bug.  When the rains are hitting hard on the tin roof, we almost get to use hand signals in most parts of the house,  but we are very grateful to be IN the house when they start!!!!.

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