Monday, April 30, 2012

Weddings and dedications

We went to a wedding for a couple here last week.  AFterwards was a wedding feast of Caldo in the home of the husband.  About 150 people were there, and each had a bowl.  It was amazing!  The wedding lasted most of the morning, walking up from the home, then at the Municipal, then a service at the church, then a procession down to their home again, then the dinner.  That night we had a District Choir practice, afterwards I saw the new bridal couple sitting at the back of the chapel.  Asked them why they were there andthey said they were told they had to clean the church.  Now that is what I call faithful.  We convinced them to let us do it for them.
Sunday were two Church dedications, one in Seritquiche, up the mountain, the other in Canlun.  Canlun had so many people that the chapel was full and there was a row of children sitting on the floor in front.  People outside looking in through the windows.  Its a small village, but we counted about 225 people there.  It was amazing.  The Seritquiche Branch had a culture night on Saturday and Elder Spradlin and I sang for it. The District President had asked us to do an act for it.  We did: Froggy went a courtin, Johnson had an ole gray mule, Mammys little baby, and You are my sunshine.  They were all very short and very cute - or at least we thought so!!!  Sunday I got to play for both the dedications and Elder Spradlin helped attend the back door.  Good thing he did when the people just kept on coming in Canlun.

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