Monday, May 21, 2012

La Tinta and Birthdays

One of our little boys up the hill had his 7th birthday last week, we made him and his brother a race track from the left over packing cardboard that our Dryer had come in.  They were thrilled.  It is always amazing to us to see their smiles and receive their loving hugs.  They knew that we were coming, and were outside waiting for us when we got there.  On the way back we visited with another family up on the same mountain. and their Grandfather shared a powerful testimony that was wonderful to hear and share.  Saturday we worked in La Tinta with the elders and had more of an adventure that we expected - we went out and visited a sister on the other side of the two rivers.  That means getting there we crossed by little decrepit canoes, climbed a rock wall... and came back on swinging bridges!  Not what we normally do in a days travel.  We went up to San Francisco for Church on Sunday and met with the saints there, it is hard to describe their building, at least from an American perspective.  Wood building with cracks between the boards.  Dirt floor, windows but no glass, and a tin roof.  The primary met in a tin lean to outside the main room.  Doesnt matter how fancy the building, the Spirit and the message are the same. We sang, read and shared the gospel together, I love the faith and love of our members. 

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