Monday, April 23, 2012

Miracles and Construction

Saturday morning we went and helped a brother deconstruct his home, so that he could put one up in the same place, but out of cement blocks.  Their little 3 year old girl sat there in the middle of chaos quite calmly eating her cookie. We had the walls all down and they were taking apart the roof, I was snapping a foto when all of a sudden Elder Spradlin said, ¨Sister Spradlin, I don´t think you are safe right there.  I took about 4 steps back and all of a sudden the board they were working on flew off and landed right where I had been standing.  I was very grateful that Harold had been listening, and that I listened and responded to him quickly.
  This morning when we were working I was carrying dirt from the hill behind their house to fill in for the cement floor in front.  Their little one took her mothers clean strainer off the Pila and started helping me carry dirt.  We discussed together how very heavy our loads were.  Another young girl showed up, obviously not in her school today,  and she helped me fill and carry the dirt buckets.  Amazing all of the types of service we get the opportunity to do here. 
After the service project Saturday morning we arrived in time to attend some baptisms at the church. Saturday evening we went out and made visits with the Elders in Seamay. I love busy weeks.  This week we are helping get ready for the Church dedications at Canlun and Seritquiche this Sunday.  I get to play the piano for both of them.  Help build that new house, attend a wedding, make a few more necklaces, work in Canlun and Seritquiche.  And of course teach Piano and English in Seamay.
Oh, for those of my children who will remember well, we taught our neighbor family how to play 4 square, as usual Dad is the best at it! 

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