Monday, April 9, 2012

Semana Santa

Easter Week is a little different here.  No school.  Many outings by groups and families.  We were able to go to the river with one of our branches and had an amazing time.  Another Branch celebrated April 6th, the restoration of the gospel, by having a meeting to recommitmit and make goals for living the Gospel and attending the temple - followed by lunch  Thursday night we went out about 10:30 to watch them doing the street art, very fine wood like sand that had been dyed, then they used templates and freehanded artwork around the park in front of the catholic church.  By Saturday morning they were all gone.  Processionals every day by the different catholic churches, and everyone who could headed down to swim at the river, because it was hot!!!  When we went down with the Branch it was about 2 hours on the back of a truck.  Okay, took too long putting up my pictures and so now the Elders are here wanting to use the computers.  Easter was great, went and spent the day with our sister missionaries in El Estor and had a wonderful lunch with them, then went out to visit an elderly sister who had fallen, and an inactive family that live close to her.  We have been making necklaces for children as we walk through neighborhoods and visit families.  Have lost count, and keep having to go back to buy more ribbon! 

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