Friday, April 13, 2012

My husband the Honky!

WE had to drive to Coban this week to have our wonderful new vehicle inspected.  For those of you that don´t know the road it is quite rough, and very crooked in many places so.... before entering any corners you have to honk, because you cant see around the curve, it is usually around a rock outcropping.  Elder Spradlin makes a very good honky!  WE were able to work in Canlun with the Elders there today visiting members. It is a very different type village than here in Senahu and also very very hot!  We were grateful that there was a wonderful breeze most of the day, that and the fact that I used my umbrella for a parasol helped a great deal.  One family we stopped to see because several of their children came out and started calling out asking us our names...I figured that was an open invitation to visit the family!  The parents welcomed us in and we had a prayer, a hymn, a short message and the Elders were able to set up an appointment for a return visit.  It was a great day!  Sunday we get to work in Panzos with the Zone Leaders and tomorrow will be working in Seamay with the District President part of the day, then meeting with one of the Young Women´s Presidents there to help her with the YW personal Progress program.  Just making this report to make sure everyone knows that we do work some of the time, although the work is such a great joy.  I finally got D&C 4 memorized in Qéqchi´, so am very excited.  I even understand quite a bit of it, although there is a long way towards true communication in Qéqchi´´. The people here are very patient with my language inability.  I love it when I try talking and they figure out what I am trying to say - so they just say it for me in Qéqchi.  Means they are listeningª!!!

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