Friday, March 30, 2012

Preparing for Holy Week

In Preparation for Holy Week our town has been hard at work.  Many people painting the fronts of their houses, or sidewalks, or fronts of sidewalks.  A lot of white paint going up.  Since the beginning of Lent every Friday evening was the processional up the town.  Yesterday though they started repairing the roads.  Where they had caved in during the year they took out the stones and today filled up the road with concrete.  Glad we didnt have to go anywhere.  We have been told that on Good Friday they will put out a carpet of either Sand drawings or flowers on the street where the processional will pass that night.  It goes right in front of our house, so should be fun to watch.  No school next week for the kids and our landlord said a lot of people go to the rivers to picnic and swim.  We drove down to Telemann yesterday and gassed up the car there, found out it isn´t much cheeper than here on the mountain, plus neither one except our credit card.  At least the gas station up here said they will accept our Guatemalan check.  Gas is very high here in the Polochic, ´40 q (I think that figures out to be about $5. a gallon) yesterday!  so dont really want to carry enough cash with us for gassing up.  We are looking forward to General Conference this weekend.  I was on the sick side yesterday, so we have been in and got a lot of studying done.  Working on that Qéqchi´ and Spanish!!! 

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