Tuesday, April 17, 2012

rainstorms and cookies.

We went and made Chocolate no bake cookies with a family in Seamay last night.  While we were there the rainstorm hit, with a tin roof we could barely hear each other speak until it lightened up. We waited till it had slowed down so we could get back out the trails, since they get very muddy and were steep. The night before when it hit we were on the road walking home and got thoroughly soaked.  We are now very grateful again for our umbrellas, and make sure they are in our bags.  In the middle of the day I sometimes use it for shade, and in the evening for rain!!!
  Sunday we visited Panzos in the morning, then made it back to Senahu for a Branch Council in the afternoon.  When we got to the chapel in Seanhu we found out there was also the first District Choir practice, preparing for a chapel dedication and District Conference, and they were expecting me to play for it and help the Choir Director.  No one had told us in advance, so we were sure glad we showed up!  We are still making bead necklaces all over the place, but the sisters we were going to help make no bake cookies may have to roast and grind their own cocoa beans, there is no cocoa powder to be found up here in the stores at the moment, they did have it though in January. 

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