Monday, March 19, 2012

WASPS and the polochic world view

We visited with a family in Chulak Sunday evening sitting in front of their home.  The tin roof/ceiling had two wasps nest hanging from it, grant it they were small.  The family showed them to us because all of the wasps were coming in.  We asked them if they were dangerous, because back home they sting and hurt.  They said, oh yes, if they sting you you will be up all night.  I asked  them why they had them there where the family sits and the children play...  the answer was,  they  come.  I said that in our home we have had them also, but that we kill them.  He asked me why.  I explained that they might sting the children.  He told me that yeah, one time they had a really big nest of them out there, the children were playing and they swarmed the kids and my you should have seen them run....and yet they have two wasp nests there because they come...
We went and saw a lovely family in Sepamac.  Took the bus to the end, then followed the trail down and down and down, not knowing where the family lived that we needed to find.  We would ask with my limited Q¨eqchi¨and their limited Spanish each time being told down the hill.  About 30 minutes of walking down to the bottom of the town at the end of the road outside the house was the family we had come to see.  Seemed like they were almost waiting on us by the time we got there.  We invited their 21 year old daughter to think about going on a mission.  What a beautiful day for a long hike, because when we left we found no transport back down till we had gone a very very long ways. 

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  1. You are so brave to make that trip. And you must be in VERY good shape from walking everywhere. We hope you continue your great work there and see the fruit from the seeds you've planted.