Friday, March 16, 2012

turkey attack and running water

Wednesday while we were at one of the schools we teach at we walked out of the fence around the school to check a new building they are working on.  Some of the children followed us out, while outside the gate the children started provoking a huge tom turkey.  It began to try and attack the children so Elder Spradlin got between them and it and I tried to get the chldren back behind the fence.  The silly turkey was on the attack and followed us.  Elder Spradlin received a small wound on his leg before a man working on the new building made it to his rescue by grabbing the Turkey from behind by his wings and walking him back out and down the lane.  Okay, a little scary even - because this guy was huge.  Sure wish I had had pictures!  We finally got water again last night after about 4 days relying on our cystern.  Yey!  we rushed and did all of our laundry, dishes and even had hot showers.  It was great!

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