Wednesday, March 21, 2012

amazing days! and Electric Skillet cake recipes!

Members from Gordon Hamms group left toy cars, necklaces and beads with us that they didnt get to give out, so yesterday we hiked back in to two homes in Seamay, not real far in distance, but in reality check -yes!  Gave the children cars and a doll and necklaces.  They were thrilled.  These two famlies appear so very happy, in their very small pole huts with tin roofs.  One family has 5 children in a two room hut - their washing area is outside.  The other family with 8 children live in about a 12x18 building with a washing area outside.  Happy, welcoming and loving.  Makes it very evident we get our priorities mixed up!  We stopped on the way back down and made necklaces with a family using the beads and ribbons we were left.  This morning we located more ribbons and visited a family to play after we taught at the school.  Love the people here andthe joy and love they share with us.  Tonight though I am very excited because I just found an electric skillet cake recipe!  Watch out next for the brownies!  Yesterday I had started filling the wash machine with water from the pila - by hand- because it is faster - had the clothes in, turned on the machine and the electricity was out!!!  By the time the electricty came on last night, the water was off!  Have to get the timing down a little bit better. 

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