Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Los Limones

Coming up from Telemann in a truck on Sunday we met a School teacher from a small community called Los Lemones.  He invited, asked us to come to visit his school and work with the children in English.  Said it wasnt very far out, only about 12 km.  That there is a truck that leaves from Seamay at 6am.  We decided to go, and took our new friend Debbie with us, she had come down with Gordon Ham to see this part of Guatemala and do service.  We left the house at 5am, got to Seamay about 5:45.  The Truck we needed had left at 5:30, but another passed and said they were going that way.  Up we climb, yes of course it was raining,  into the back of the truck.  About an hour later the truck comes to where we need to get off, and then wait for the next truck to go up further the next road.  One passed fairly quickly, yes it is still raining,  up we climb again and go about another 45 minutes.  Beautiful terrain, surround by coffee bean and bean fields.  Different types of hills than before, but yes still kind of misty.  We get off the next truck and begin walking, it feels like we are in the middle of a painting with brilliant colors and shapes and sounds.  Sorry, no pictures.  Enthralling, but still misty.  The teacher passes on his motorcycle about 30 minutes later up the road.  Says hello - asks if we are still coming.  Thought it an odd question since we had been traveling about 2 hours already.  So of course we say yes and climb the next hill, go down...  Then we of course see another big hill and think, oh my, now way.  Blessings appear in the form of another truck headed up and they give us a ride up.  Pretty much to the end of the world it felt like.  The school had 3 classrooms and amazing children.  Taught them, lost my voice.  Kept on teaching.  They were then saying afterwards that they needed help finishing one of the rooms on the school, the Municipality was supposed to do it, but when the new mayor changed offices the process stopped.  We went on to the next class and worked with them.  In the two younger classes the children sang for us in Qeqchi and Spanish.  Their teacher was so proud of them!  After we saw the last class and went to look at their ruins a person drove up in a truck and this unexpected meeting started right next to the school.  The mayor had shown up and they were discussing a road they are putting in.  We went over with the teachers to ask about the school - she said if they would turn the original project plans in to her office she would see what the commitments were and keep them.  Wow, next surprise - she gave us a ride back down.  We were able to visit with her on the way about education, projects in the area and our desires to help in the community.  We couldn{t have gotten in to see her if we had tried probably, but here we rode down with her for over an hour and a half.  Amazing miracles!  Found out her daughter is finishing up her teaching assistantship and is working in one of the classrooms where we are teaching English.  Such a small miraculoous world here sometimes.  Sorry no pictures of Los Limones, but we promised we would make it back up in April and I will get some amazing ones then!  By the way Los Limones was a lot lot farther than we thought when we started, and on the way I sure wondered why we were headed there.  In the end though it was amazing.

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