Monday, March 26, 2012

Car! Electricity! and Waterfalls!

We feel so very blessed!  We got our vehicle last Thursday, a Toyota RAV4.  Sunday we were able to go visit a branch called Canlun which is down the mountain and across the river.  We had wanted to visit them previously, but there was no transport connections for Sunday.  On the way back we were able to stop and work in Telemann with the Branch Primary President there, and still make it back up the mountain by 3:30 in the afternoon.  To top off the miracles this morning our 220 Electricity was finally finished so now we can use our stove, and when the rain gets too bad, especially during rainy season, we will still be able to get our laundry done and get our work done also.  Now the important thing will be making sure that we organize and use our time and resources well so we can better serve here in the Polochic.  We did take a Pday break this morning and go with two Elders up the mountain, that way we could check the driving out better and also got to stop and picnic at a beautiful small waterfall.  Had plans to go up to a bigger one, but the road was just too bad for us to feel safe in passing.  Turning around was probably a very wise decision on Elder Spradlin´s part!  Honestly didn`t mind not getting to do our travels in Truckbed and micro! 
Saturday the Elders up here in Senahu and Seamay had 7 baptisms and one marriage.  It made for a very eventful day.  We are very excited looking forward to hearing General Conference this weekend.

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