Saturday, February 18, 2012

Coral Pek...almost

On Monday we were in Chulak, and it was very cloudy but we decided to try and hike up to Coral Pek anyway, since it was for our anniversary.  The higher we got the more rain we hit.   Needless to say we still have the goal of hiking to Coral Pek!  Sunday in Sajunte we were able to help a future missionary fill out his paperwork.  The Branch there is waiting for the dedication of their amazing new building, during the meantime there are meeting in a long wooden building with two doors on each end, dirt floors, no windows and a tin overhang in back where Relief Society and Primary meet.  It was packed though with about 200 saints!  During Primary we met outside with the future missionary under the overhang to do his paperwork.  Now this was the first time for me to see a pig and duck walk through the meetings - before that only had dogs try to walk in....  We were able to attend a baptism in Panzos on Saturday afternoon, then made it up the hill just in time to see another baptism in Chulak.  Spent Saturday night in the Choice Foundation house in Sajonte and Sunday and Monday night in the church at Chulak. Sunday afternoon we needed to go visit a Sister in Chulak that lives down a very steep muddy trail.  I was so scared!  Started singing Teach me to WALK.  Was very grateful when we made it to her home.  Elder Spradlin cut me two walking sticks that I was able to use to get back out and I was very very grateful!!!
 When we got back to Senahu, Tuesday, we recieved word that we needed to come down to the capitol and were able to get a ride down with a brother from Welfare Services, instead of having to take the bus. It has been great being here, doing shopping, visiting friends, eating out and going to the temple.  We will be heading back home on Tuesday.  Other news - they wired our house for 220 for the Dryer and Stove, although we still need the electric company to do the wiring from the pole to the house.  Eventually it shall happen.  Patience in Spanish - paciencia, in q'eqchi - Kuyum.  So many wonderful adventures and lovely people.  Just keep smiling.

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