Thursday, February 2, 2012

imagine no library

We stopped by an internet place walking home Tuesday night because our landlords young daughter was there, asked what she was doing and she said that she was having them do a research paper for her for school.  The kids pay the Internet people, they do the research and copy it off, then the student copies it off by hand into their notebooks.  So the question was: Why don´t they do their own research?  The answer took me back a bit, because There are NO Libraries, not in the schools, not in the homes.  Only a few church books and school books are ussually available.  Can´t imagine growing up not reading just for fun!  Wednesday night when we had piano lessons and English at the Seamay Chapel the gate was locked, but there were already a lot of kids inside.  Found out the seminary teacher had broken her key when she went to open the gate, so everyone was coming in an alternate route - through the little outlet building halfway up the side of the fence where they put the trash out.  Here we go!  Should have had a camera - but it was raining so much we had left it at the house.  Climbed into the little ¨bldg¨ after putting our plastic down from the organs and tried to go through.  I couldn`t figure out how to get through the opening on the other side, so backed back out and Elder Spradlin went through, a very strong young boy helped pull him out on the other side.  Next, my turn - and yes in a dress modesty was important!  when I got through the building Elder Spradlin on one side and the young man on the other grabbed my arms and out I come, reminded me of a 3 stooges movie!  Oh the adventures.  It was worth it though with 12 kids showing up for piano and English!

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