Monday, February 27, 2012

Sad and joyful

A couple of weeks of many emotions.  Joyful first,  We were at the Sajonté chapel dedication in Chulak Sunday where we had an attendence of 309 members!  Filled the beautiful new building.  I am looking forward to watching it grow even more.  During the meeting two members, who had been baptized on Saturday, received the gift of the Holy Ghost and after the meeting Pres. Watts had his interview with one of our Future Missionaries.  They reorganized also the Chulak District Presidency and Elder Spradlin was asked to stand in.  I played the organ for the dedication, the brother who was supposed to play got a little nervous... right before the meeting.  The district made an amazing Turkey Caldo for a meal for all of the leaders and missionaries after the dedication.  Turkey Caldo is a sign of the highest celebration and respect - this meeting was worthy of their efforts.  Coming home from the meeting we were able to ride most of the way with one of the leaders from Coban, but then we got a ride up the Senahu hill with a LARGE truck transport.  Gratefully they let us in the cab, instead of on back and while riding up there was an inactive brother there who started talking with us.  We invited him to return to activity, because he needs the church, and we need him.  The road up here is very crooked and steep, the driver didnt have power steering so he was having to work very hard on the corners.  I explained to the brother that life is like that road and driver.  The curves take a lot of effort to get around correctly - but definately worth the effort.  Another example I used is that there had been a bad mudslide on the road last year and they are still working a lot to clear the road.  Sometimes in this life we have problems and our road gets blocked, it takes effort to clear up all of the mud and damage so that we can again progress. 
The sad part of this post, is very difficult for me.  While we were in Guatemala City last weekend to do government paperwork early Monday morning we were able to visit with a lot of members, do our shopping and get some organizational things taken care of.  Friday afternoon while we were there though we received a phone call from one of the members here in Seamay to tell us his baby had just died.  The baby was only about 3 weeks old and had been very sick.  They had taken it to Doctors here and it seemed to be getting better at times, appeard like it might have been reflux.  It had begun  vomiting again though, without ceasing, then quit eating and passed away while we were gone.  It was extremely difficult.  The young couple had lost their first baby just a year ago, and now for the second time the mother´s arms are empty.  Our hearts ache for her.  We have been to visit her throughout the week now that we are back. 
The funny.  Getting to Chulak last weekend we had to take a transport, ie back of the truck standing, to get up the hill.  As I got off the truck when we got there my skirt ripped all the way up - of course I didnt take a spare skirt with me!!!  Luckily my black slip covered quite well and I tied my sweater around my waist while we walked back to a member´s home that had a treadle sewing machine (no electricity there) She was so kind and did not laugh very hard at all while fixing my great difficulty!  Of course while walking to her house the strap on my shoe also broke...  It is now at the shoe repair shop and will be fine in about another hour.
Raining a lot today, this is still the dry season ( :  So if you come to Senahu - please bring a good umbrella or rain poncho!

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