Tuesday, November 1, 2011

responsibility of blessings

Harold and I were set apart as missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by Natalie's Stake President, President Call, on Sunday.  What a blessing to be called to serve our Heavenly Father full-time!     The fact though is that with a blessing comes a responsibility.  The responsibility to be willing to grow and learn and serve.  More than willing though is this overwhelming desire and joy at the opportunity of serving in Guatemala.  I am trying to study, to learn the Q'eqchi', but playing with children and grandchildren, working on genealogy and going to the temple are all things I am also being able to participate in at the moment.  Again I feel so very blessed.
I went to bed last night thinking of so many words that I don't know in Q'eqchi', that I need, like study, practice, learn understand, light.  This morning they were still there, so I quickly wrote them down and will learn them today.  It is like when I start doing genealogy research and the names begin to spin through my head, wondering what their lives were like, and knowing that it is my responsibility to do their research so that they can be tied in the eternal bonds that temple covenants bring. Elliesha and I went to the temple this morning and were able to work on some names, as I was looking down at one of them I realized that I need to research her farther and find her parents.  Each step leads to another and the blessing brings the responsibility of continued service.  Intriguing that the words blessing, responsibility, opportunity, work and joy all fit to describe the same thing.  work:  trabaaj

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