Tuesday, October 18, 2011

grief and gratitude

We arrived in Rexburg, Idaho on the 5th of October to stay with Natalie while Justin was in training, due to her baby being due the 24th of October. The after of the 11th at her routine checkup with the Doctor there was no heartbeat for the baby.  We contacted Justin immediately and the military was able to fly him back to Salt Lake City where his father picked him up and drove him back up to Rexburg. They arrived here at 5:30am on the 12th.  That morning Natalie was induced at the hospital and cared for by amazing nurses and a great Doctor.  Justin was so exhausted, but rested some in the chair at her side during the day.  Isaac James was born at 6:15 Tuesday night.  The Doctor on delivering him was able to tell that his umbilical cord had twisted, due to him being very active and all mainly in one direction, throughout the pregnancy.  It had twisted till it finally cut off his nutritional supply sometime during the previous week.  Such grief and pain at wanting to hear your baby's first cry.  Of holding his body and knowing his spirit has already gone home.  At the same time we rejoice that Isaac is a part of our family and we shall see him again.
Sometimes  Father's children get unknowingly caught in the same sort of cycle,  busy and doing and going and turning and slowly but surely entering into the world till the point they cut off their own supply to Heavenly Father.  That is why it is so important that we hold on tight to the iron rod, to the things of value and importance.  Having the atonement we can be aware and if we ever do start to turn and cut off that supply we can reverse the process. Living with our Heavenly Father, families and friends is our goal and we need to keep it ever in our sights.

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