Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hard to imagine that in less than a week we will be in the MTC preparing to leave for Guatemala.  We leave for Provo this Friday at 1pm will  spend some time with Amber before entering the MTC on Monday morning.  We fly out from the MTC at 8:15am Saturday, Nov 19th and arrive there at 8:15pm Saturday evening.  That will be including a 5 hour layover at the Dallas Airport!  I am so excited and nervous at the same time.  The question is if being nervous is a lack of faith?  Not knowing so many things though is a little bit on the "jump off the ledge" side for me.  But then if you never take the leap - you will never fly. 
Trying to make sure we have all of the last minute things covered, silly stuff, like wondering if we have enough socks and dental floss. It is hard to leave all of the kids, I realize more and more that each of us have trials to go through in this life, and there is only a very limited amount of help that we as parents can provide.  I am still hoping that before this week is through to post the rest of the pictures we have been taking in the last 2-3 months as we have traveled and visited with family.  This has been a very hectic and wonderful time to focus on our family and our studies.
 Our mission President called us Saturday and told us that we will be having a car to drive while in Guatemala, that will help us in working more in the different areas, and seeing more of Guatemala!  He also asked how my Q'eqchi' is coming.  Harold has a lot more faith in my abilities than I feel at the moment.  Hopefully when we get there and I can speak with people and hear it live it will begin to come to me faster.  He has come such a long ways on his Spanish and I am very proud of his endurance and faith in learning this new language.

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