Friday, August 23, 2013


 Even though we live here I am sure we only see “the tip of the iceburg” So when we see the problems we do, it is truly heartbreaking.
Another young baby died this week, 2 months old. We took pictures of this healthy, beautiful baby boy when he was 3 days old.  When we went by to visit the family this week we found out he had died 2 weeks ago from "a fever" .
  Another family we work with has a 10year old daughter who has a deep cut on her foot,
her little Brother, about 6 years old, was playing with a dull machete hitting in the dirt -then
decided to hit her foot.  We helped the family clean it some and gave them antibiotic ointment.  Since it was late in the evening and starting to rain we told them they needed to get her to the Centro de Salud the next morning early to get shots, for tetanus for sure!  We went back yesterday afternoon, 2 days after the accident, and they told us they had not taken her to the clinic.  The child's foot is
starting to swell and is very painful.  When we asked why they had not gone, again explaining the danger of the infection they told us the little girl  didn't want to go!  I don't usually get strong with people in what I say, but told them they were the parents and it was their decision, not hers.  If they wanted her to live they needed to go.
We accompanied the family of the daughter who had seizures to the Medical Clinic on Monday and she was seen by the Doctor. They can't do all the testing here, but because of the explanation of symptoms have put her on anti-seizure medicine. I spoke with the Church Area Doctor about her and he told me what had caused the seizures and epilepsy is caused by a parasite in the brain from eating undercooked pork. Sure glad we were told not to eat any pork here!
 Hearing a baby cry in the daytime now stresses me, is it a baby that maybe won't survive, or just an angry child.  

The District choir tour is starting to shape up, the members are working to raise money to pay for the trip. We have the songs picked out and the program planned. Dates fixed for 5 concerts, one here, two down in the valley and two up in Chulac. We are also helping plan for a huge activity day on 14 of September which is Independence Day, so they can use it to help raise the rest of the funds.

 This is the Lord's work.
Sometimes we get frustrated because of the problems we see, the unnecessary pain that goes on and it takes us a minute to back up again and remember that this is His work and His time table and some things we just don't understand.

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