Friday, August 30, 2013

A good week

Zone conference weeks are some of the best when serving as Senior Missionaries. This week we had two, one for the Polochic, which included the valley Elders and Chulac. Then the one for Senahu, which included the rest of the “mountain elders”. Love being around the missionaries! Working with and seeing their dedication and love of the Gospel is amazing. We try to make sure we visit as much as possible with each of them individually “checking in” making sure if they have a problem or need something we can help them with. Sometimes it may mean they are out of insecticide, or they are dealing with stress or strain and need some exercises, or they are sick and we need to find out how to help them. It becomes a lot
We were also able to spend time with President and Sister Curtiss and share with them some of our concerns for the members and missionaries in our areas. Refocused a little our direction for these last remaining weeks, so hopefully we will be of more service. We even got to have the Curtiss's and the Kirks for a pancake breakfast at our home! The Kirks are the other Senior Missionaries that are working with us in the mission now. They live in Coban and help with Alta Vera Paz, Coban, Peten and in the office. Still great hopes that a couple will come in to take our place when we leave in October.
After the conferences we headed down to the capitol, turned in the car to get some repairs done then got to spend the evening with other Sernior Missionaries. Every missionary working as a Senior has such a different type of experience in their mission, with what they are doing and the challenges they face. It is novel for us to hear.

Super excited to get to spend some time with the Watt's tonight! We have missed them a lot, but tonight we will go play together. Tomorrow morning we pick up our daughter Erica at the airport and she is going to spend a whirlwind week with us. So excited to introduce her to all our friends and share with her our mission!  I forgot the camera cable so will post Zone Pictures when we get back to Senahu.

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