Thursday, July 11, 2013

Snakes and wet humor

Our young girl who helps in the house once a week came this morning and was sweeping when she called me into the room. She had encountered a small snake on the floor and informed us it was poisonous. Sure glad she saw it, because we would have not known! We tried killing it and finally Elder Spradlin ended up getting the hammer to finish the job – this guy did not want to die!
We have now moved every piece of furniture in that room and swept behind everything, of course killing a few more bugs on the way.  It is not that I like killing bugs, but don't like having them visit us.  
If we talk about how humid it is, I had a box of salt some Americans left here last month up on the shelf, it is so humid that the box kind of started to just collapse and the salt inside was getting wet. I took the whole thing and put it in a large zip-lock bag with rice. We shall see.

It was just raining nights, but in the last couple of days the weather has started changing and we are having rainy cloudy during the day and continued rain storms at night. No lack of water this week!

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