Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Do NOT spit on the floor!

Sunday we went up the mountain to Yalijux on the truck with the district leaders, on the way back they picked up some people carrying their chickens and turkeys, so Elder Spradlin had a little extra company. They always make me sit up front with the driver and miss all the fun. I had prepared a small message to share for Primary, in case I got called on, during Sacrament meeting I changed my message. In Primary the President/Teacher had forgotten to bring her books and only had a very short lesson using a scripture from the Doctrine and Covenants, so I had the opportunity to teach. My new phrase in Q'eqchi' that I got to use in the lesson is “Mat ch'ub'ak chiru li tza'k sa' li Iglees” I taught about how the church is the house of Jesus and Heavenly Father so that we need to take care of it. Then we learned my new phrase. It means “don't spit on the floor in the church.” Now you might think, “why on earth would they???” but they all live in houses with dirt floors, so spitting on the floor doesn't mean anything. They do keep their floors very neat though with brooms, but the chickens walk through also... We also learned together how to sing Called to Serve in Q'eqchi'. They all sang with such enthusiasm and joy it was amazing!
We met with President Curtiss in Coban for the first time on Monday afternoon, along with the Kirks who are the new missionary couple, so we could plan and divide responsibilities in order to be more effective throughout the mission. We still will be doing the Polochic, Senahu, Chulac and Poptun, they will be doing Coban, Vera Paz and Peten. We did a couple of apartment inspections and worked on English on the way in, got some shopping down while we were there, then did more inspections and dropped off stuff for missionaries on the way back home. No peanut butter in Coban, but a little store in Teleman on the way back home had some so Elder Spradlin is very happy, he ran out last week. One little one, almost 2 years old here in Seamay had been in the hospital with severe diarrhea and wasn't eating again, so he had given them the last of his peanut butter mixed with honey for them to try. She liked it a lot, and was willing to eat it. Hopefully she will start eating other things also now!
We stopped to do the inspections in Sacsuha, and just so happened to pass through at the same time as one of our Future Missionaries was catching a transport to leave for his Mission. We had two white shirts for him, and found out he only had two of his own. We were so happy to know he would be leaving with at least four white shirts!

I should also add that for the fourth of July I made an amazing lattice work Apple Pie with the daughters from our next door neighbor. It was beautiful and delicious!

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