Sunday, June 23, 2013

Zone conferences

Love Zone Conferences! Will also admit that I loved the hot showers at the hotel in Coban while we were there! One of the classes was on how we teach with questions and an Elder presented a good question: “What would we have Christ help us with in our life?” Then of course since prayer is not just about asking, but about change and growth - what are we willing to do to change? The conferences were a much needed lift after having experienced a death and a funeral, and knowing of at least three more in the same weekend.
Our District here in Senahu sang for one of the conferences and I played for them and helped the sisters, since there are only two sisters here plus me and 8 elders. My throat was bothering me the day of the practice and I was a little bit concerned. Felt it a miracle that my voice did fine, but within an hour of leaving the conference I started coughing and lost my voice! The conferences were wonderful and also hard, knowing that it was the last conferences with President and Sister Watts. Our mission divides next weekend and we will be in the new Coban mission with President and Sister Curtiss. The Gospel is spreading and it is a marvelous privilege to be part of the Lord's work.
I am now learning the gift of silence due to my laryngitis. My wonderful neighbor brought me up lemons today from her tree when she found I didn't have any. I love the friendships we are making here and the hugs and joy we share with these amazing people.

We were very blessed to get back up the mountain on the way back from Coban, there was a mud slide across the road that they had just gotten moved enough for us to get through. We heard this evening that another one had happened last night and closed the road back up again. Guess it is okay we stayed here today with me not having any voice!   

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