Wednesday, June 26, 2013

puzzles and fun

Elder Spradlin has been working jigsaw puzzles, or as said in Spanish, rompe cabezas. We were doing little ones with children, then we got a large one and he started it. The fun is that now we have a couple of young girls and their families who have showed up at the house to help him work on it, they have also each taken home larger puzzles and are working on them in their homes. It has become such a fun activity and something they can't get here. We are spending more and more time with our neighbor family behind us, they came over for dinner along with the Elders the night before last and I made everyone biscuits and gravy. We are going to meet with them with the Elders on Saturday morning so they can learn more about the church. The mom and I have gone walking a couple of times and she has shown me new trails, introduced me to new families, showed me a cinnamon tree and keeps pointing out the edible plants around us as we walk. She also has shown me a couple to steer clear of!
Yesterday morning we visited a clinic here for undernourished children sponsored by Charity Anywhere. They teach the moms, weigh the children and help with formula and a drink called Incaparina. One of the worker's daughters was there, a lovely girl aged 13 and we visited with her, she was working on her English and wanted us to help her remember the song “Row, Row, Row your Boat” that the Kekchi Choir had taught at her school when they were here. We went back up later in the day and took her one of the 100 piece puzzles to try!
This morning we get to help some of the missionaries in the area with their English, I started doing a short class with them before their District meetings once a week. It gives us a chance to check in with them and make sure everyone is doing alright. One of our Elders had an eye infection yesterday, luckily I had drops already here at the house I could give him, from when I had one a couple of weeks ago.

Rainy season is in full swing, hard rains most nights causing some landslides on the roads. Usually they are able to clear them out pretty quickly, but does make us a little nervous. The internet is also running a little slow because of the cloud cover, but will try and see how many pictures I can get to load! Finishing up a few missionary file submissions this week, before the mission divides this Sunday. Making sure they are all the way through the Mission level and up to the Area Office. Kind of fun, these missionaries who submit from one mission and by the time they go out will be leaving from a different one because of the division.

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  1. Sending hugs to you guys! Maybe I can get David to do a puzzle with me in your honor...I'm sure I have a 1000 piece one somewhere :)