Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Success Stories

#  When we arrived in Senahu last year we had a list of young men who had turned in their paperwork for missions, but there were questions or problems on their forms.  One was from here and he was just waiting for his call, not knowing there was a problem.   Because of what he had written on the form, and because he had gone to work in another area it took several months to work it all out.  Last night though was his missionary farewell and he left today for his mission in Mexico.
#  Our two little boys up the hill attended school for the first time this week.  The 7 year old showed me his reading/writing book and the first activity after school on Tuesday.  He was supposed to color the shape that was the same as the example- it had circles, squares, diamonds and triangles to choose from.  His problem was that he couldn't figure out what they meant, he didn't know the difference in the shapes, or their names - so he had carefully scribbled with his crayon on each shape.  This is going to be a slow process probably, the good thing is that he has started!
#  Our little one who had her cataracts removed, in the follow up she had developed scar tissue BUT they  operated again and successfully removed the scar tissue, she will be coming back home from the Capitol again this Friday.
#We went to Sepamac Sunday and they had 80 members in attendance, this is huge growth for them.  The Elders and members there are working hard.  We did the primary for them and the 27 children loved it.  Several of the moms came out to watch and enjoyed it also. They had never had a primary and the saddest part was when we gave them each a piece of paper and a crayon because then we had to show the majority how to color on the paper.  Can't imagine children in the states ages 3 to 7 who have never colored.
#  Started paperwork on three future missionaries from the Chulac District.
#  Did a Relief Society Training meeting in Seritquiche.  Then Elder Spradlin played Soccer with the leaders and young men while I taught the younger children how to play red light/ green light and Red Rover.  The kids there have never seen a stoplight, so we just said red or green.  Even if they had seen stoplights here, they might not have known, since most of the traffic laws are just considered "suggestions".
# I found lemons bigger than grapefruits that are super juicy and there were mangos in the market again!  It rains most every night and quite often during the day, but how else could it stay so beautiful and green.  I'll take the rain anytime over the cold weather reports from the States!  

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